As Head Coach at T3 Wrestling Academy I want to welcome you to Tomeo Wrestling.  I am very excited to become a part of your childs career in both wrestling and in life. The youth and young adults at T3 make a commitment to raising expectations and standards both on and off the mat. The club is currently in a focus to pursue excellence and excel to the top level of Pennsylvania and U.S. Wrestling.  We do not teach average, focusing on the most current successful techniques and strategies to compete with and defeat the best!  I would like to thank all the parents and supporting staff for the commitment and support to our wrestling organization.  I am looking forward to seeing you as we share time together this season.
To the Top,
Coach Tom Tomeo

Check schedule page for dates and times... schedule has been updated!!   
  Exciting News!  We have      moved and updated our  Home Training Area.  An  additional expansion is  planned 
 **New Home Training Center**
     332 Fox Mine Road  
  Jackson Center, Pa 16133

Branch Club Training Facilities 
 *Greenville High School*

 *Clarion High School*

 *Lakeview High School*

 *Sharpsville High School*

Reserve your spot so this can be your best year ever!    
Private training is also now being offered and in High Demand.    
Make sure your focusing on all areas like Nutrition and Video Analysis to maximize Success!

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This page was last updated: April 16, 2015
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Starting first week in April...get to where you need to be to make your move toward achieving your goals!!!
Check the Schedule Page for Details
We are competing most weekends this spring! There will be a combination of Individual and Dual Tournaments. These tournaments will be mix of Folkstyle along with Freestyle and Greco-Roman. 
If you want to be included with our team at any of the upcoming events or want some details on them. Contact us. This is going to be a Great "Off Season"!

** Just Added **

   Freestyle & Greco-Roman tournament april 25th 
                   @ Lakeview High School

We have no  freestyle and greco competitions in NW Pa this year and very few in Western Pa, so we are organizing a madison system freestyle and greco-roman tournament this spring.   All wrestlers will be weighed in and grouped into pools according to age, weight and experience.  $15 ($10 for T3 members)  No USA Wrestling card needed, bring everybody!  We want wrestlers to get at least 3 matches with hopefully most getting 4 or 5 matches.  If they want to wrestle greco-roman, they will get more matches.  There will be a  **free Freestyle clinic offered and possibly a greco clinic if there is enough interest by Olympic and National Coaches. We are planning on all matches being completed by mid afternoon. 

Our main goal is to help wrestlers get mat time and much needed experience.  Also we use a major portion of these funds for scholarships and defraying costs for the team attending events.  Please pass this information on to others looking for opportunities.  Lets help raise the level of wrestling in our area.  Thank you, Tom Tomeo

Awesome Weekend in New York at the Empire Nationals!!

*** T3 High School Team was crowned Gold Medalist
​        Team members received custom Champion Singlets
                   and team received Champions Banner

*** T3 Youth Team was crowned Bronze Medalist
​                 Team received Medalist Banner

Great performances by outstanding wrestlers and a really fun weekend. Congratulations to all team members!

We are taking requests for Virginia Beach National Duals. Competing over memorial day weekend. Most weights are covered, but some slots are still open. Contact us if you are looking to compete this spring, summer or fall. 

We had a successful Flo Nationals at Indiana, Pa with a handful of All Americans and many great matches.  A very high level competition.  Good job T3 Wrestlers. 

2015 Pa Junior State Championships
Current year results coming soon!




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